Liberated Canvas

“Pictorial metaphors of the creative mind. Each work of Liberated Canvas mirrors technical freedom with psychic liberation, leaving the viewer with a sense of deregulated perception”.

Abstract Graphics

“Sholpan intuitively draws correspondence between spiritual and physical bodies from her musical approach. Although a professional pianist rather than a composer, she nonetheless displays a great skill and ease in her pictorial composition”.



“Abstract works cannot be neatly explained in terms of historical constructs, although it transports its viewer back to a time when Abstract Expressionism was vital and fresh”.

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“Sholpan pays homage to the piano miniatures of one of her favourite composers, Nikolai Medtner, who produced 38 pieces on this same theme. She borrows their small format and their specific narrative structure to create an intimate work conducive to a naive contemplation”.


“Each piece is constructed along emotional lines, as though she’s attempting to give form to a particular state of mind, endorsing through her painting Schopenhauer’s assertion that “music is thus by no means like the other arts, the copy of the Ideas, but the copy of the will itself”.